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Monkey GO Happy 5: While it might be titled Monkey GO Happy 5, it's actually the 7th installment of the popular point-and-click puzzle series. - Make the Monkey Happy! Subscribe to Monkey GO Happy - STAGE MONKEYHAPPY. COM - STAGE 5. Subscribe to Monkey GO Happy. Video Hints/Walkthrough Below: Optimized for desktop/laptop and newer mobile tablets (ipad 4+). If you're not hearing sound. The ideas simply become more ridiculous as the game goes on. Copyright to Robin Vencel, Pencilkids Ltd. If you're not hearing sound please use GOOGLE CHROME. Monkey Unentschieden wetten Planet Escape Monkey Happy Chocolate Monkey Happy Army Base monkeyhappy. Use the key on the closet. pencilkids com monkey go happy 5

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MONKEY GO HAPPY STORY GAMES.. Get the gem The whole game is simply a series of puzzles which you must solve while the monkey of your choosing waits in the foreground on the verge of tears, waiting for you to click various items in the correct sequence in order to use them to solve each puzzle. Unlock the code on the crate by counting how many red balls, how many blue and how many yellow. Use the torch on the fire. Move the cup on the second shelf to uncover the key.


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