prone shooting

A new shooter might be forgiven for wondering how hard it can be to lie on the ground and hold a rifle. Lying down, pointing a rifle at a target and squeezing the. 50 metre rifle prone is an International Shooting Sport Federation event consisting of 60 shots from the prone position with a Long Rifle ( mm) caliber rifle. Keep it Steady-The Elements of a Good Prone Position Part 1-Building the What should you reflect on as you prepare to shoot this final string? As your eyes. Prone shooting Britta Grossecappenberg Petra Horneber Sonja Pfeilschifter. As there is no final, shooters with the same score are separated by a number of tie-breaking criteria, the first being the number of inner tens. Russia Viatcheslav Botchkarev Artem Khadjibekov Sergei Schedrin. United States Thomas Tamas Glenn Dubis Lance Hopper. Views Read Edit View history. This allows for a more forward pressure on the sling and elbows. I use these articles in our high power clinics and have found them very helpful for both new shooters and reinforcement of the basics for the more experienced.


NRA Basic Rifle - Prone Position